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OKR Health Check

A brief 10 question evaluation to help determine whether your company is getting the most out of their OKRs.


Nailed it! Let's take a look at how you did so well!

Doing well on this OKR Health Evaluation is not easy! Congratulations are in order - It must feel great to do OKRs at your organization! Based on the results of your evaluation, you're definitely feeling the full benefits of the OKR framework in your organization! When an organization makes the shift to focusing on outcomes and establishing strategic agility, they won't achieve that by operating as a traditional organization. Many things need to change, and based on your answers to this evaluation, your organization is doing a lot of things right!

Why the OKR Framework is working at your organization

When you make the connection that OKRs need to inform our decisions on what work to do, you made one of the most important connections about adopting OKRs. It’s a shift toward focusing on and driving toward measurable business outcomes. We don’t do OKRs in support of projects, we do projects in support of OKRs. Although that’s important, that’s not all your company is doing right, you’re also: • Following the 5-Step OKR Cycle defined by Scaled OKRs – that’s awesome! • Your company figured out that strategy and OKRs are not the same thing. Strategy sets the course and OKRs provide the mechanism to establish strategic agility. • You were mindful to integrate OKRs into your existing work processes, so that OKRs didn’t add to the workload, but reduced it! • Investing in a dedicated technology solution, like Gtmhub, what extremely wise! • Ensuring vertical and horizontal alignment with your OKRs must have been game changing! • Making sure not to create too many OKRs and being careful not to create OKRs that look like tasks with due dates, those are both important guardrails to follow. • As you’ve gotten better and better at using OKRs, the value of your OKR champion as a dedicated resource must feel awesome! It can be tough to get OKRs right sometimes, and your company recognized some dedicated support would be important. • The last great thing that your company is doing based on your answers to this health check, is that your company uses shared OKRs as a way to breakdown silos – congratulations! Your company is in a small handful of companies that get OKRs right! Congratulations again!

Please contact us today to discuss the results of your OKR Health Check!


For informational purposes only. There is NO WARRANTY, expressed or implied, for the accuracy of this information or its applicability to your specific and unique situation. Please contact us directly to learn more.



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