About Scaled OKRs


 Scaled OKRs  provides strategic management solutions and OKR adoption strategies that move organizations from traditional operating models to innovative, outcome-driven, customer-centric organizations, with the strategic agility to win in today’s competitive market.


Our goal is to empower our clients to use OKRs as an enabler for creating a results driven culture. When implemented correctly, OKRs can help build a high-performance culture that is based on Clarity, Alignment, Transparency, and Engagement.




Larry LaSelle


Larry partners with CEOs, CIOs, and other leaders in organizations to help develop strategies that improve business performance, strategic alignment, and operational effectiveness. This requires a deep understanding of how to structure an organization for optimum flow, how to establish strategic alignment from top to bottom, and how to build and develop a high performing workforce. Larry's areas of expertise include, Enterprise Business Agility, The Balanced Scorecard Management System, Objectives & Key Results, and Organizational Change Management. Larry has also developed the Innovation Measurement System (IMS), the Business Value Delivery (BVD) Framework, and the 5-Step OKR Cycle.


Jim Apodaca

Client Success & OKR Strategist

A humble, entrepreneurial thought-leader, Jim has a leadership and coaching background in start-ups and enterprise organizations. A portfolio spanning 15+ years in multiple industries including Fintech, Healthcare, eCommerce and Government. Jim has a passion for working with organizations and helping them navigate the complex art of organizational alignment and strategic execution.

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