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Strategic Planning Services

Success with OKRs starts with a clear strategy that can support your organization's ability to align their OKRs to the company's goals!

We guide our clients step-by-step through the process of developing a comprehensive strategy


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Becoming Strategically Aligned and Outcome-Focused with a Clear and Measurable Strategy

Our extensive experience with strategic planning enables us to facilitate your strategic planning process in a way that suits your culture, planning experience, and desired outcomes. At Scaled OKRs, our goal is to help our clients achieve strategic alignment in support of becoming outcome-focued. We know that successful strategies are not just about problem-solving, but more importantly, about problem-framing, and about devising the right action plan that will inform movements on the micro and macro levels. 


Alignment to Vision, Mission, and Values

An effective strategy is informed by your current conditions or current reality, and describes a future state that would sustain growth for your organization. Often, organizations fail in their strategic planning process because they focus mainly on initiatives (outputs) and not on their strategy and how well it aligns to their organization's vision, mission, and values. In order to make the shift to becoming outcome-focused, it's necessary that your company's strategy can be expressed independent of initiatives. Strategy is about what's possible - not the next initiative we need to invest in. That comes much later. We facilitate the strategic discussions and are intentional to avoid contrained or initiative-centric perspectives.


We Facilitate Each Step Through Proven Strategic Planning Processes

Our clients tell us all the time that they value us as a trusted outside partner. They count on us to know the right questions to ask, the difficult questions. They are grateful that we seek first to understand the complexities involved in delivering their products and services. They appreciate our attention to detail (yes, we bring fidgit toys to our on-site visits - they're important!) and our ability to facilitate healthy, collaborative, and focused dialogue. They value the outcome of the strategic planning process, which is a comprehensive stratetgy that gets them focused on the right work. That's powerful!


Strategic Planning Timeline and Approach

If the conditions are right for a client, we may recommend a Stratregic Plannging Sprint, and help define a strategy in as little as 2-weeks. This is a considerable time investment on behalf of the client. The more common approach, particularly for more complex conditions, the strategy planning timeline will be 6 to 8-weeks. • We begin by determining what strategic planning approach would be best for your organization • We then determine everyone that needs to be involved in the strategy discussion and determine how they will contribute • We then outline a series of remote and on-site workshops that are facilitated to achieve a particular outcome, such as a competitive analysis, market survey, analytics review, etc. • Finally, we assemble the data from the various workshops and we faciliate a Strategy Map creation session, which becomes the finalized 1 to 3 year strategy. • For clients that plan to do OKRs with us as well, we will coordinate the timing of the strategy planning process to segue into the next steps with OKRs.

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