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Certified OKR Facilitators Course

Join over 1,500 Scaled OKRs certified coaches helping companies become strategically aligned and outcome-focused!


Certified OKR Facilitator Course

Learn the art of helping organizations and teams develop superior OKRs!

During the 1-day Certified OKR Facilitator course, you will gain an in-depth understanding of how to facilitate effective OKR creation workshops for teams at every level of your organization. You'll also learn how to support teams as they execute the OKR Cycle. This course shapes a greater perspective around OKRs as it incorporates learnings from Agile practices, organizational strategy, establishing new behaviors, and learning to become a strategically aligned and outcomes-focused organization.

Topics Covered

During this 1-day course, we will work through a set of lessons and exercises to learn and understand:

  • The Why behind OKRs

  • How to facilitate effective OKR workshops

  • The 5-step OKR Cycle to operationalize OKRs in your organization

  • How to help leadership create effective company level OKRs

  • Co-Creation and Localization of OKRs

  • Creating effective action plans to achieve OKRs

  • Facilitating weekly check-ins and monthly reviews

  • Finishing an OKR Cycle with scoring and calibration

What's includes with the course?
  • Course workbook

  • OKR Facilitators toolkit

  • Certified OKR Coach certificate and digital badge

Learning Goals

By the end of this course, you will know how to:

  • Write powerful Objectives that align to your organization’s Big Vision

  • How to leverage the 5-Step Quarterly OKRs Cycle

  • Understand the OKRs Framework

  • Facilitate teams in meaningful dialogue as they create and align their own OKRs

  • Create healthy habits to build and grow your OKRs muscle

  • Conduct mid-quarter and quarterly reviews for cross-functional learning

Who should attend?

Roles that will benefit from this course:

  • Executives and Leaders, Managers, Directors, CIOs, and VPs

  • Program and Project Managers

  • Product and Product Line Management

  • Portfolio Managers, PMO, and Process Leads

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