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OKR Champion

Become an OKR Champion and drive sustainable growth in your organization. Our comprehensive certification training equips you with the skills and knowledge to communicate the value of OKRs to stakeholders, align OKRs with business objectives, and lead your teams to achieve their goals.

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Gain the skills and knowledge you need to become an effective OKR champion and drive strategic growth within your organization with our Certified OKR Champion course.

Topics Covered

The 1-day Certified OKR Champion course is designed to empower business leaders, managers, and HR professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to become effective champions of the OKR framework within their organization. This one-day course will cover the fundamentals of OKRs, including goal setting, alignment, communication, and leadership. Participants will learn how to create an effective business case for adopting OKRs, how to communicate the value of OKRs to stakeholders, align OKRs with business objectives, facilitate OKR setting sessions, and provide ongoing support and guidance to teams and individuals. By the end of the course, participants will be able to confidently lead the implementation of OKRs within their organization, driving strategic growth, alignment, and performance.

  • Understanding the Value of OKRs

  • Defining OKRs

  • The 5-step OKR Cycle to operationalize OKRs in your organization

  • Leading a successful OKR implementation

  • Making OKR Actionable

  • Organizing OKRs with Agile delivery.

What's includes with the course?
  • Course workbook (100+ pages)

  • OKR Framework implementation toolkit

  • Training content and workshop material to teach OKRs at every level of your organization.

  • Certified OKR Champion certificate and digital badge

Learning Goals

By the end of this 1-day course, you will know how to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of OKRs, including goal setting, alignment, communication, and leadership

  • Develop a value proposition for OKRs in your organization

  • Identify key stakeholders and gain buy-in for the implementation of OKRs

  • Align OKRs with business objectives and goals

  • Facilitate OKR workshops and coaching sessions with best practices and tips for success

  • Overcome resistance to change and manage cultural transformation as an OKR Champion

  • Use SWOT, TOWS, and PEST, and Strategy Map to establish strategic alignment

  • Connect strategy to execution through effective OKR implementation

  • Drive continuous improvement and learning through OKRs

  • Lead and measure OKR success with metrics and KPIs.

Who should attend?

Roles that will benefit from this course:

  • Business leaders and executives who want to drive strategic growth and alignment across their organization

  • Department managers who want to implement OKRs to improve team performance and results

  • HR professionals who want to support OKRs that are adopting the OKR framework

  • Agile coaches or Scrum Masters who want to enhance their team's use of OKRs as a complement to agile methodologies

  • Consultants or coaches who want to expand their knowledge and skills in the area of OKR implementation and leadership

Course Testimonials

Here is what people are saying about our courses:


Professional certifications and advanced training are critical components of an individual's growth. Specialized certifications help demonstrate that you are a lifelong learner and committed to taking your career to the next level. As a company, we are recognized for our thought leadership in the implementation and application of the OKR framework, Agile practices, and strategic planning. Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills needed to drive performance excellence through the effective use of OKRs.



OKR Coach



OKR Champion


Certified Agile Portfolio

Management Professional


Certified Strategy

Execution Professional

OKR Foundation

If you are interested in becoming an OKR practitioner or want to get started building up your OKR knowledge before taking a certification course, we recommend checking out our OKR foundation page. It provides a comprehensive playbook and case studies that even certified OKR practitioners find valuable as a resource to come back to!


OKRs offer the opportunity for you to modernize the way your organization delivers value to your customers. Scaled OKRs offers a variety of private, in-house OKR workshops that are tailored to what your organization is needing most right now. Here are some examples of our OKR workshops typically range from 2-hours to 1-day in duration:


Leadership Team Alignment: Breaking down silos and forming Team #1

Introduction to outcome-based planning

Team OKR Creation Workshop: Turn strategy into measurable goals with OKRs

OKRs for Managers: Leading and delivering in an outcomes-focused way

Establishing a Quarterly Operating Rhythm: The ultimate fix for clunky QBRs!

Contact us today to learn more about our custom OKR and strategic planning workshops!



How to Run
an OKRs Pilot

How to successfully introduce OKRs to your organization


Reach Goals at Warp Speed

Finding the Right OKR Software for you Enterprise.

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The Ultimate
OKR Playbook

Best Practices for adopting Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)


The Hybrid Future of Work

Attracting talent and achieving goals in a hybrid work environment

Recent Articles

ScaledOKRs is a leading provider of OKR knowledge and services, offering expert guidance to help technology companies of all types achieve their objectives. Our team of experienced OKR coaches and practitioners has worked with a wide range of companies, including technology companies, to implement OKRs successfully.

At ScaledOKRs, we understand that each organization has unique needs, which is why we offer tailored OKR services to help you achieve your goals. Whether you're just getting started with OKRs or need assistance with OKR implementations, our team can provide the expertise you need.

Our services include OKR coaching, OKR training courses, OKR practice assessments, and key results analysis, among others. We also offer OKR workshops to help your team understand the best practices for effective OKR practice.

No matter what industry you're in, ScaledOKRs is committed to helping you achieve your goals through the power of OKRs. Contact us today to learn more about our OKR services and how we can help your organization succeed.

Trust the Proven Results of the OKR Framework!

OKRs is a goal-setting framework that can help organizations achieve ambitious goals. John Doerr, the creator of OKRs, emphasizes the importance of measurable key results to track progress day to day. Team members can stay focused on achieving their team OKRs by writing key results that align with company objectives and regularly reviewing progress through the OKR cycle.

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