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Introducing Our Newest OKR Training Course: Certified OKR Champion

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Be the change!

We're excited to announce our newest course offering: the Certified OKR Champion course. This one-day training program is designed to equip leaders with the skills they need to drive the successful adoption of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) within their organization.

While our two-day OKR Coach course covers all aspects of coaching and implementing successful OKR programs, the Certified OKR Champion course focuses specifically on building a business case for adopting OKRs and driving strategic alignment through SWOT analysis, TOWS analysis, and other strategic planning techniques. Our unique approach ensures that leaders are equipped with the tools they need to overcome resistance to change while supporting successful adoption and breaking down barriers to success.

We believe that creating a business case for adopting OKRs is crucial for not only gaining support for change within an organization but also gaining consensus early on the why. That aspect of our training program is unique - no other OKR training company is providing leadership training on how to drive the successful adoption of this framework. At Scaled OKRs, we understand that implementing new processes can be challenging, but by focusing on building a solid business case for change, we set organizations up for success from the start.

Through our course, participants will learn how to create a value proposition for OKRs, identify key stakeholders and gain their buy-in. The value proposition will align OKRs with business objectives and goals that are familiar to your stakeholders. Participants will also learn how to set up an OKR program with defined roles, responsibilities, and resources, and how to lead the OKR adoption as an OKR Champion.

In addition to the benefits of implementing successful OKR programs within an organization, including improved alignment between teams and departments, increased transparency in goal-setting and progress tracking, enhanced employee engagement through clear communication channels, and better overall performance across the organization, the role of the OKR Champion is also critical. The Champion is an internal role that paves the way for OKR success and works in partnership with the OKR Coach, which is often an external role or external expert. By completing our Certified OKR Champion or Coach course, participants will have gained valuable insights into how to achieve these benefits in their own organization.

Our commitment to providing comprehensive training programs doesn't stop at just these two courses; we also offer advanced topics in Outcomes Management and Strategic Planning for those who want to take their skills even further. Whether you're looking to become certified as an OKR coach or champion or simply want to learn more about how this framework can benefit your organization, Scaled OKRs has got you covered.

We're excited to offer the Certified OKR Champion course because we believe it will be a vital tool for both leaders and organizations that are looking to drive successful change. By equipping leaders with the skills they need to build a solid business case for change, overcome resistance to change, and manage cultural transformation, this course empowers leaders to take an active role in driving the success of their OKR programs.

It's important to note that change efforts are far more likely to fail if leadership is not onboard. In fact, a study by McKinsey found that only 26% of transformation initiatives succeed without the active involvement of leaders. By completing the OKR Champion course, leaders will gain a deep understanding of the benefits of OKRs, how to build a business case for adoption, and how to drive strategic alignment. This positions them to be active drivers of success for the OKR program within their organization.

Don't let your organization become part of the 74% of failed transformation initiatives. Invest in your leaders and give them the tools they need to drive successful OKR adoption. The Certified OKR Champion course is the first step in creating a culture of goal-setting excellence and driving long-term success for your organization.

Check our course calendar for an upcoming session. You can also contact us ( to discuss a private in-house session for your leadership team or organization.

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